Mina sessor!

Skriver ju på engelska egentligen men detta inlägget får bli på Svenska.
Har blivit mycket om Legolas hela tiden på senaste, men mina sessor är mitt allt!
Grace & Chili <3

Nervous but excited.

Changes can be scary and that is exactly what I am feeling at the moment.
I'm excited and I really want this move to Stockholm to happen, but I'm really nervous as well.
I know all of TWO people in the area, one of which lives in Stockholm and the other lives outside of Uppsala.
When you have nothing holding you to a place anymore, what are the reasons for staying?
Susanne has her boyfriend in Örebro, so she can visit when she's up there. She's the only person I actually hang out with here in Ronneby, and she is able to come up when she doesn't work, so I kind of don't have anything holding me here.
I've started throwing out stuff I have no need of, but I won't start packing until I know for sure if I'll be moving or not.
I'll hear back about the job before Midsummers Eve, so in less than a week I'll know if my dreams will be shattered or not.

Soo good to be home

So, yesterday I spent the day in Stockholm due to a jobinterview, which I'd like to think went quite well.
I also have an apartment sorted so I really hope I get this job!
Down below are a few photos from my visit in le capital.
Even though I am so happy I'm home, I might be calling Stockholm my home in a few weeks.
We'll have to see what happens!
I LOVE Owls! I saw them when walking through Old Town when I was in Stockholm 2 weeks ago. I want all of them!
A quiet Old Town at 6am.
A Laughing Gull (could the english language be more literal?!)
A Blackbird.
I love birds. All kinds of them actually. I happen to find Seagulls cute.

On a train going...

Currently in Hässleholm waiting for my night train to Stockholm

I'm both nervous and excited about the jobinterview. A bit stressed i might not sleep on the train to Stockholm, because i really need to.

I have to prepare some questions for the interview and prep myself to be able to do my best!

The train doesn't leave for another hour and  20mins. Might watch an episode of Grimm

Goodnight lovelies! <3

Grace's belated birthday present.

Today Grace's birthday present arrived.
5 days late, but better late than never.
It's a 'Spinnogram' from Mjau. It only cost 9kr as the picture above states. And no shipping cost.
You get 4 fullsized pots of wetfood, and a small test bag of their dryfood.
All the cats enjoyed it, so even though 9kr is pretty much what ONE of those wetfood pots cost in the shop, I might buy it from time to time as a treat.
If you have a cat and want to get them something extra for a small amount of money --->  Spinnogram (click it!)
ps. I am by no means doing an ad for Mjau. If you want to buy it for your cats, do so. If not, then don't.
Only one getting something out of it, is your cat. hah