The world is a scary place.

To wake up to every friend of mine in the UK tweeting/facebooking about the explosion at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, it breaks my heart.
19 people have been confirmed dead so far, and over 50 was injured.
Who would even think about doing such a thing!?
I go to a lot of concerts myself, and have been for the past 15years, so it hit close to home.
A concert is a safeplace, where you can go to forget your problems for a little while and enjoy seeing an artist you love.
The world is a scary place.
Please stay safe.

Homemade Bounty bars.

My homeinternet is down for some ungodly reason, so I am blogging from my phone for the first time.

A bit scare that it won't look right from a laptops point of view though..

I've been eating badly for quite a while now, a lot of unnecessary snacking and so on. 
So last night i went into my kitchen and whipped up some coconut bars that I would only compare to a nice bounty chocolate bar!

They're not quite the same, but the coconut covered in chocolate.. Doesn't get much better than that. 
The recipe I used also had freeze-dried strawberries but I just didn't use it. I also didn't use vanilla essence. 

My first mistake was putting the "dough" in a loafpan instead of doing little "sticks" like the instructions/video showed.
When i went to cut them into bars this morning they crumbled all over the place. 
I lost maybe 1-2 bars worth in crumbles.

I'm going to bring 1-2 "bars" with me to work daily as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack to try and keep myself feeling fuller during the day.

Even though i compared these to a bounty chocolate bar they are obviously far more healthier than that.

The ingredients used were shredded coconut, coconut cream, coconut oil and some agave syrup. 
That's it!

(Well, ofcourse there was dark chocolate involved as well)

I don't even want to try and link this properly so i'm sorry but i'm just going to write the link to the bars below.

I'm a survivor

I'd like to start with saying that I do have a slight envy of those who have a very tight knit relationship with their relatives (close family and distant), but I just don't have that with mine so please have that in mind with what I am about to tell you...
I used to have a good relationship with everyone on my dad's side of the family, until he passed away 12 years ago.
Then I went to live with my mum, and my aunts looked after my two brothers.
Never really had any contact. I didn't do much about it either, so I guess we're both in the wrong there.
12 years go by and then my mother pass away.
I needed the help to arrange the funeral so my aunt/uncle helped me and ofcourse my oldest brother, the other one passed away in 2014, was also present at the funeralhome and such.
And I do appreciate all the help I got fixing my mums funeral, but now they're calling all the time and my brother wants to meet up once a month to have dinner etc.
From 12 years of the random invitations to christmas dinner from my aunt and little to no contact with my brother, to the constant phonecalls and wanting to meet up..
I'm suffocating, and at the same time it feels so forced because they think I'm all alone now and I "need" them.
I've done very well on my own for a long long time and I will continue to do so, thank you.
I don't want them to feel bad about it, but also I feel they won't understand where I come from if I tell them the truth.

Transformers - The Last Knight

I can't be the only one excited for this movie!!
June 24th can't come soon enough.
I've always loved transformers ever since I was a child.
Used to play with Optimus Prime, which was originally for my brother but who cares right?
When the first Transformers came out in 2007, I didn't even know they were making the movies.
I was on a plane to Florida, with a layover in Atlanta.
So, on the flight to Atlanta they started showing this, from the looks of it, Army movie.
But when the Helicopter started to transform I knew exactly what movie this was, and obviously fangirling hardcore because I didn't even know a Transformer movie existed!
They shut the movie down soon after the helicopter had transformed and "shit went down" on that armybase, with the excuse that it was too violent and kids were on the plane.
Fair enough.
It wasn't until 2009 I finally got to watch the movie again, and have been a loyal watcher of the movies ever since.
There was some nay-sayers to the last Transformers, but I really liked it.
Plus, it had dinosaurs in it for god sake! (Grew up watching Jurassic Park!!)
Like already mentioned, I am very excited about the new Transformers and I will be there on premiere night in my hometown.
If there is to be a premiere in London, I would love to be there, but I simply can't afford it :(
Also, if you've missed it, I have started collecting Funko Pop Vinyls, and I will be owning these babies one day!

Legolas Greenleaf.

Photos by Susanne
After having a "poll" of sorts, both for friends and on a catgroup on Facebook, the popular choices were Loki or Bilbo for a name.
After Susanne sent me the photo at the very top, I just felt he was a tiny little Legolas Greenleaf.
So he finally has a name - Legolas Greenleaf.
Will be only Legolas for short.