If I go there is no telling how far I'll go.

On friday I was ridiculously restless, so even though I should be staying inside getting better, I went to the trainstaion to topup my travelcard for work AND they had half price on all icecream cones.
Yesterday my friend invited me over for pancakes.
I couldn't stay too long as I had laundry to do, but it was nice nonetheless.
The forest is filled with Anemones at the moment so ofcourse I had to take a picture of them.

Oats and Blues,

So from time to time I have a breakfast obsession with Overnight Oats.
I guess there are more than two ways to do it, but I only know of these two ways.
One is where you mix it all before putting it in the fridge. I've tried it but it gets too "mushy" for me.
The other way is to layer it like a parfait, then mix it right before you eat it. It gives it more of a texture and I really love it this way.
What is your favourite breakfast?

Dance alone to the beat of your heart.

Excuse my lack of FOB hardcopies.
Autographs are from their first ever tour in the UK, in 2004, supporting a band called MEST.
I saw that someone else had posted about it, but Fall Out Boy has indeed released a new song called Young and Menace. A new album will be out on Sept 15.
And they have a US tour following the release.
I have not seen Fall Out Boy since August 2007...
My fingers are itching to buy a ticket to their US tour, and also explore a state I have been dying to explore for years.

The thing stopping me from automatically booking everything?
I might not have a job in November, and an income is needed for a trip to actually happen...
ps. It's 4:54am and I have yet to go to bed.

Unexpected turn of events.

Due to an expected turn of events I had "brunch" at the local Thai Restaurant.
I have thai friends but I haven't had Thai in a while. It was so good, but I won't be having it as the first meal of the day again.
After little over an hour of feeding ourselves and talking, my friend and I parted ways and I headed home.
Watched the last episode of season 4 of Sleepy Hollow and then I passed out. Woke up about an hour ago.
Debating whether to make dinner or not, but defo will do some cleaning before I head to bed again.