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I'm back, back again...

So, as you've noticed, I haven't been posting anything for a few days.
And to be quite honest I haven't had anything fun to blog about. I, personally, feel like it's not fun to blog if there is no point behind the post.
I can blog about my cats every day until the end of time, just to have a blog post each day, but that wouldn't be fun for anyone to read.
Tuesday I was off on a little "retreat" with work to learn more about workrelationships and how to make it fun to go to work and not just "go to work" for the sake of going to work.
And ofcourse yesterday was Midsummer, which I celebrated with Susanne's family. Her mother was kind enough to ask if I wanted to come. She knows I basically don't have any family left and sitting home alone isn't fun.
I still don't feel like blogging so I might be M.I.A for the rest of the weekend. Can't promise anything but I feel like just having some r and r and relax.
Happy Midsummer!

Mina sessor!

Skriver ju på engelska egentligen men detta inlägget får bli på Svenska.
Har blivit mycket om Legolas hela tiden på senaste, men mina sessor är mitt allt!
Grace & Chili <3

Nervous but excited.

Changes can be scary and that is exactly what I am feeling at the moment.
I'm excited and I really want this move to Stockholm to happen, but I'm really nervous as well.
I know all of TWO people in the area, one of which lives in Stockholm and the other lives outside of Uppsala.
When you have nothing holding you to a place anymore, what are the reasons for staying?
Susanne has her boyfriend in Örebro, so she can visit when she's up there. She's the only person I actually hang out with here in Ronneby, and she is able to come up when she doesn't work, so I kind of don't have anything holding me here.
I've started throwing out stuff I have no need of, but I won't start packing until I know for sure if I'll be moving or not.
I'll hear back about the job before Midsummers Eve, so in less than a week I'll know if my dreams will be shattered or not.
Roses | via Tumblr
Roses | via Tumblr
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