Turns out I don't go down so easily.

State Champs @ Fryshuset. June 3, 2017.
It's been an entire week since my wonderful time in Stockholm.
It feels like it was ages since I saw them but it's only been 7 short days.
They had a really good set. Played songs such as;
Slow Burn
All Your Are Is History
Shape Up
Maybe they played 1 or 2 more songs but I was too into their set to care.
I absolutely LOVE State Champs and they got such a good response that they promised to come back once they've recorded a new record. Which they're going to start recording once their European tour is over, in little over a week I think. They play Berlin on June 18 and that is their last date of this tour.
From experience a band usually take about 2-3 months to record a record, and it's expensive for american bands to come over to Europe, so I reckon maybe they'll come back next spring.
I leave you with a video of their end song, Secrets.