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Early bird gets the worm.

I don't even remember when I stumbled upon this valued piece of information, but when it comes to deciding how LONG you should sleep at night, you should go in intervals of 30-90mins.
That meaning, if you are going to take a nap in the afternoon, make it 30mins or 90. Not 60mins.
It also takes you roughly 30mins to fall asleep, unless you're tired to the point of exhaustion.
So, last night I was ready to sleep at around 9:30pm. I added 30mins to that for "falling asleep" and then I gave myself 6hrs of sleep.
My alarm was then set for 4am, but I also set one for 5,6 and 7am incase the early rising wouldn't agree with me.
Now, let me tell you something...
I've been tired to the point I just want to sleep all day, for a few weeks now.
When the alarm went off this morning, I wasn't tired at all. I felt very "up and at it"!
I was awake at 4am, and out the door by 4:10.
The plan was to hop on my exercisebike for 20mins, but instead I went on a 30min walk.
I always enjoy walking in the morning instead of afternoon/evening because in the morning it's so peaceful and pretty.
Afternoons are full of people. haha
Just had some yoghurt with cheerios and a clementine for breakfast.
Going to do some cleaning and maybe some stretching before I leave for work.
Good morning to you all!

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