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Homemade Bounty bars.

My homeinternet is down for some ungodly reason, so I am blogging from my phone for the first time.

A bit scare that it won't look right from a laptops point of view though..

I've been eating badly for quite a while now, a lot of unnecessary snacking and so on. 
So last night i went into my kitchen and whipped up some coconut bars that I would only compare to a nice bounty chocolate bar!

They're not quite the same, but the coconut covered in chocolate.. Doesn't get much better than that. 
The recipe I used also had freeze-dried strawberries but I just didn't use it. I also didn't use vanilla essence. 

My first mistake was putting the "dough" in a loafpan instead of doing little "sticks" like the instructions/video showed.
When i went to cut them into bars this morning they crumbled all over the place. 
I lost maybe 1-2 bars worth in crumbles.

I'm going to bring 1-2 "bars" with me to work daily as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack to try and keep myself feeling fuller during the day.

Even though i compared these to a bounty chocolate bar they are obviously far more healthier than that.

The ingredients used were shredded coconut, coconut cream, coconut oil and some agave syrup. 
That's it!

(Well, ofcourse there was dark chocolate involved as well)

I don't even want to try and link this properly so i'm sorry but i'm just going to write the link to the bars below.



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