Loki, Bilbo or Aslan?

I did mention a new family member would join us in June, in an old blogpost.
He has not arrived home yet, but Susanne and I went and visited her sister so I could spend some time with him. And ofcourse her nieces.
He has grown a lot in the last few weeks, so they expect him to grow to be quite big.
I was set on calling him Loki, but then I rewatched Hobbit about two weeks ago, and the name Bilbo just spoke to me...
Then I stumbled upon someone who had a longhaired ginger cat, and they had named him Aslan, so that was thrown in the mix as well. I love Narnia <3
Last night someone suggested Gimli (from LOTR) as well. It does suit him, but if he grows to be quite large a dwarf name isn't very suitable is it?
Simba was also given as a suggestion but I think a few ginger kitties are being called that out there. I want something cute and unique for my little man.
I haven't needed to name a kitten in, literally, 11 years. Help me out!
So, is he a Loki, Bilbo or an Aslan?