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Mixed emotions.

Last night Susanne and I went to her sisters place to have a bbq and pick up little Legolas.
Got home at about 9pm, and let him out of the cage to get familiar with his new home.
Grace were "stalking" him, but not necessarily showing anger in her body language.
All was well when he was napping, but when awake and exploring she would stalk him and if he tried to approach her, instead of the other way around, she would hiss and give him a slap.
Chili was curious, but Grace went after her because she approached Grace when she was at her most tense state. So it's a bit on/off with them at the moment as well. But nothing major.
Shortly after midnight Legolas had fallen asleep and I thought I'd go sleep with Grace and Chili, and both followed me into the bedroom and we got settled...
All of a sudden I have a kitten in my face. Legolas had "stolen" Grace's sleeping spot right next to my pillow.
He moved down to lay by my hand, and fell asleep there.
Woke up with Grace next to my pillow and Legolas about a foot away from her, and all was well, but once we all woke up, Grace ran off because Legolas were awake.
It's only his second day here, but I hope it settles before I have to go back to work on Monday.
At least a little, so he's allowed to move around the flat without being stalked by Grace

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Namn: Jenny
Född: 26 Nov 1985
Bor: Ronneby (men är smålänning <3)
Grace (Juni 2010)
Chili (Juni 2011)
Legolas (Mars 2017)
Intressen: Musik, Konserter, Filmer/TVserier, Resa.
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