One ring to rule them all...

So, change of plans...
Who has the energy to clean anyways.
I rewatched The Hobbit the other day, and happened to stumble upon the Extended versions of the Triology.
Since then I have been wanting to watch the Extended versions of Lord Of The Rings, since I only have the normal versions.
Now I have gotten myself some snacks...
I wanted to buy crisps and chocolate but thought to myself that I'll be on my sofa for almost 24hrs, do I want to snack on crisps that entire time?
And now I am going to go offline for roughly 19,5hrs, which is how long Hobbit/LOTR extended versions come to.
Will be making a proper meal once the Hobbit Triology is over. Just to get something a bit more filling to last me through LOTR.
Have a nice weekend!