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We're releasing the hounds.

When I went and saw The Summer Set in London on May 12, 2016, they had support by The Lafontaines.
Never heard of them before, and my friends and I had decided to only show up in time for TSS.
Thankfully, our slightly tipsy selves, showed up an hour before TSS were due and these boys just hit the stage as we got in.

For never having heard anything by them before, they blew me away.
That same evening they announced some summer dates I ended up unable to go to.
Thankfully they announced a November tour around mid-october and they were going to play Edinburgh the day before my birthday.
Guess who booked a plane to Edinburgh and a ticket to the gig?
They were just as amazing as I remembered them to be, and they played a lot more songs obviously.
Met 3/4 of them after the gig. Darren wouldn't come out, but Kerr was nice enough to go back inside and get my cd signed by him. <3
They have a few gigs up but nothing I can attened.

Hoping for another fall headliner.

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