Two hearts beat as one

Nu på Söndag, den 10e September, börjar nya säsongen av Outlander så tänkte det var perfekt att posta mina Outlander funko pops <3
Jamie Fraser är den pop jag betalat mest för, än så länge...
Är iofs på jakt efter det mesta av LOTR/Hobbit kollektionen, så då lär högsta priset jag lagt på en pop öka ganska mycket.
Någon mer som älskar Outlander?

Beware of Crimson Peak.

The big "reveal"!
I've started collecting Pop Vinyls.
I love the movie Crimson Peak. It only seemed fitting enough that Crimson Peak were the first pops I ever purchased. Excluding "Bloody" Edith, whom I purchased about 2 weeks after the other three. But Thomas, common Edith and Mother Ghost were the first in my collection to be bought. I have a total of 31 pops, and I'm only 3 weeks into my newfound obsession.
The Crimson Peak set is complete now, and "Bloody" Edith is an Exclusive from New York City Comic Con.
I am collecting a few other sets, but none of which are complete yet. Might post individual pops along the way, as some sets might take forever to complete, if they're even possible to complete in the first place.
Thomas Sharpe is what they call "vaulted", which means it has stopped being made.
And if their value is high, it can be quite hard to find one without having to sacrifice an arm and a leg for it.
I have one pop I paid £70 for, from another set.
Waiting for the last pop from that set to arrive and then I can post about it, and reveal the pricey little pop.