Stockholm for the weekend

Took a bus from Ronneby to Alvesta.
Trainconnection in Alvesta.
Södermalm (Saturday afternoon)
I want it!
The more quiet side of Södermalm (Sunday morning)
Magnum store.
Will post about the concert in another post. I can leave you with that it was simply amazing, and I want to go back!


Spent the afternoon with Susanne today. We watched Assassin's Creed and since part of the movie takes place in London, we spoke about what else we might want to do there when I take Susanne for her first trip to London.
We looked up tickets to London Eye, but since our schedule is pretty tight as it is, and god knows standing in line for that is a day's work, we will see if it will happen or not.
If we find the time, we might.
I've been to London a million times and NEVER been up the London Eye.
Am I a bad London-lover, or do I just not fall into the tourist traps?

Throwback Thursday and a bit of Future Friday (Like that's even a thing)

"Still Water" at Marble Arch 
(Taken June 2014)
This morning I took the train to work for a change, aka I missed my bus.
And as it rolled into my station I got butterflies in my stomach, because in little over a month I am taking that same train BUT in the other direction. Towards Copenhagen Airport.
I'm taking Susanne on her first trip to London.
ps. The Future Friday thing is kind of funny as we will be travelling there on a Friday.

Primrose Hill

Almost a month ago I embarked on my latest UK trip.
It was my first time visiting Primrose Hill, and I've found my newest obsession with London.
This is the neighbourhood I want to live in, if I ever move to London.
It's so colourful and pretty.
Plus having the tiny hill, with the big view, so close would be enough to get me to move there.
Unfortunately it's a pricey part of London to live in...